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Classic Car Insurance in Hollywood

At First Choice Insurance Solutions Inc in Hollywood, Florida, we provide bespoke insurance solutions for your prized classic or vintage vehicles. Understanding the nuances of classic car insurance is crucial, and our team is here to offer the guidance and expertise you need. Contact us today for a personalized classic car insurance quote. 

How Much Is Antique Car Insurance? 

The cost of antique car insurance varies based on several factors: 

  • Vehicle age and value—Your classic car’s make, model and age play a significant role in determining insurance costs. 
  • Usage frequency—Insurance rates and coverage availability may be influenced by how often you drive your classic car. Classic car insurance is not intended for daily drivers. 
  • Storage and security—Proper storage and security measures can impact classic car insurance prices. 
  • Coverage types and amounts—Your chosen coverages and limits help determine how much you’ll pay for coverage. Classic car insurance generally uses an agreed value method, meaning you and the insurance company agree on how much to insure the vehicle for; premiums typically correspond to how high or low this figure is, in addition to other factors.  

Why Get Classic Car Insurance? 

There are several reasons to consider classic car insurance: 

  • Specialized coverage—Classic car insurance policies are tailored to protect vintage vehicles’ unique value and needs. 
  • Agreed value protection—Since you help set this amount, you can ensure your classic car is covered for what it’s worth without depreciation. 
  • Flexibility—Many vintage auto insurance companies offer flexible usage policies, accommodating the unique lifestyle of classic car enthusiasts. 

Your agent can help you get favorable classic car insurance by comparing multiple quotes. 

Contact Us 

Contact First Choice Insurance Solutions Inc today to learn how we can assist in safeguarding your vintage treasure. 


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