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May 17, 2023
Garrett Hoffmann

Moving with a Boat in Tow

If it’s time to pack up and move, it is safe to say that you want to take your valued possessions with you. This might include your boat.Boat dock

Moving an expensive commodity like a boat takes time and consideration. You have to move the boat with care, and then secure the boat once you reach your new home.

Before a Move: Will You Take Your Boat?

Moving merits deciding what to do with your boat. Even when moving, some boaters leave their boats behind on a familiar body of water.

If you decide to leave the boat behind, consider ways to protect the boat in your absence. Change the address for your boat registration and insurance policy. That way, registration authorities can ensure your registration stays active. Your insurer will also be able to contact you in the event of an emergency.

Consider how you will protect the boat in your periods of absence. Most boaters store their boats in facilities like dry docks or storage units. The boat needs to be in a monitored environment that protects it from hazards like weather or theft.

When Moving: Ship and Insure Your Assets

If you decide to take your boat with you on your move, transport it with care. Some boat owners hire special movers to transport the vessel. Before your hire a moving crew, make sure the company carries proper insurance or bonds. This can help protect you if something happens to the boat while it is in the movers’ care.

When moving the boat yourself, always take steps to move the vessel appropriately. Invest in a proper trailer and boat cover to protect the craft.

Also check your insurance coverage. Will your boat insurance cover your vessel when it is on a moving trailer? Will your auto insurance cover a boat on a trailer attached to the car? If not, you might need additional insurance. Talk to your agent about the correct policy options for your move.

After Arriving: Update Your Boat’s Paperwork

Some states may require operating licenses for boaters. Others may require boaters to pass safety courses to register a boat in the state. Update this paperwork before you hit the water in your new location.

Additionally, take the time to update your insurance policy. Make sure the policy will cover you in your new location and on any bodies of water you now plan to frequent.

When moving, give your boat the same care that you would any other personal possession. The boat is a sensitive system. Therefore, it needs sensitive care.

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