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Assignment of Benefits

Please watch this video to learn more about Assignment of Benefits

Signing away your insurance rights and benefits has very real consequences. Once benefits are signed away to another party, at the very least, it will require the assistance of legal counsel at your expense to try to get them back, but in some cases, it may not even be possible.

Be on alert for:

  • Contractors that knock on your door and inform you there is damage to your home that you weren’t aware of or are from a loss date that is provided to you.
  • Contractors that ask you to sign a document before completing a “free” unsolicited inspection of your home or property.
  • Contractors that make promises that sound too good to be true such as a new roof, kitchen or bathroom renovation at no cost to you.
  • Contractors that promise to save you your deductible or offer to call in an insurance claim for you.
  • Contractors that offer to “handle everything for you” with the insurance company.
  • Contractors that push for major or permanent repairs to be made pri or to allowing the insurance company to complete an inspection.
  • Contractors that insist that your claim’s value is worth significantly more than it clearly is.
  • Anyone who makes you feel pressured to sign documents.
  • Assignment of Benefits abuse affects and costs everyone.

To report a signed Assignment of Benefits contract, please submit to the following email address:

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